Hyatt Redesign 

One of the biggest challenges that Hyatt runs into is continuity. Hyatt Hotels Corporations is one brand that houses several subdivisions that are unique in character and service.

Hyatt means simplicity, ease of access, and worry-free hospitality. A circle visually embodies the entirety of the corporation and supports their underlying philosophy. A circle symbolizes unity, wholesomeness, and inclusiveness. It is a sacred and natural shape that is timeless, with neither beginning nor end, no above and no below.


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​ For Hyatt, the circle symbolizes how all the sub-divisions of Hyatt are still one unit, one company, one brand. The umbrella companies under Hyatt—Hyatt Hotel, Grand Hyatt, Andaz, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, and Park Hyatt - are all unique, but are still under Hyatt Hotels Corporation. The circle will allow all the franchises to have a distinctive feel. However, people will still be able to recognize Hyatt as a whole.