I took an apprenticeship under William Conlon during my last semester of college. I initially wanted to explore color and light theories in still life paintings, but it soon turned into something more. 


My paintings became a literal journey of progression. I wanted to explore the idea of light and composition on a deeper level. I initially tried to paint what I saw, but for some reason, there was something off about it; the painting felt too rigid and lacked emotion. 


I started to paint without a visual representation in front of me. I challenged myself to "find my own light". Where would the light hit on this apple? Does the window in this position make sense? Would the curtains fly this way? What if the angle of that bottle's reflection wrong? These were some questions I asked myself. 


So, I present to you, a visual progression of my journey in painting. 


Special thanks to William Conlon for his patience, his critiques, and last but not least, for pushing my limits as a painter. 

All paintings done on canvas with acrylic paint.